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We support businesses across industries and geographies. Our key areas of focus include complex engineering projects, petroleum products, supply chain and logistics, technological innovation, digitalisation, and private equity investments in financial services.

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We identify companies with competitive and resilient business models across our expanding range of target industries and establish partnerships to co-invest and help businesses grow.

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12+ countries
With Promstar portfolio presence
Promstar has deep roots in financial investing and the industrial economy, and has been actively supporting growing businesses across sectors for nearly two decades. Founded in 2002, it provides industry expertise, operational focus, and short- to long-term capital to accelerate value creation and international expansion of its portfolio companies.

To-date, Promstar has financed a range of projects including, but not limited to:
  • Industrial machinery and equipment supply in Central Europe
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment supply in Eastern Europe
  • Financial services and digitalisation
  • Modernisation and industrial innovation in marine engineering
  • Crude oil and petroleum products supply
Határőr út. 38, Budapest, 1122, Hungary