Promstar is an independent investment and consultancy company that supports medium-sized businesses across sectors and geographies. Our key areas of focus include industrial goods and machinery, petroleum products, supply chain and logistics, financial services, technological innovation and digitalisation.

We invest across the business life-cycle, from early-stage ventures in high-growth sectors to established businesses via private equity participations.

We seek cooperation with committed shareholders and experienced management teams with demonstrable sector-specific expertise, to support their growth as passive investors and participate in their economic success.
Promstar has deep roots in financial investing and the industrial economy, and has been actively supporting growing businesses across sectors for nearly two decades. Founded in 2002, it provides industry expertise, operational focus, and short- to long-term capital to accelerate value creation and international expansion of its portfolio companies.

To-date, Promstar has financed a range of projects including, but not limited to:
● Industrial machinery and equipment supply in Central Europe
● Agricultural machinery and equipment supply in Eastern Europe
● Financial services and digitalisation
● Modernisation and industrial innovation in marine engineering
● Crude oil and petroleum products supply

Promstar was founded with an entrepreneurial and industrially-driven approach. We offer cross-sector expertise, operational focus, and access to financing solutions. Working as close partners, we help companies accelerate value creation and international expansion.

Our partners and co-investors are predominantly entrepreneurs, family offices, and private funds.
Professional investors
Financial services providers
Energy companies
Shipping and marine engineering companies
Industrial machinery & equipment dealers
Agricultural businesses
Promstar has a team of more than 20 professionals based across offices in Hungary, Malta, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Our expertise spans:
Business development
Valuable expertise and resources to implement product, market, and operational expansion and globalisation of portfolio companies.
Debt capital markets
Arranging competitive financing and refinancing packages, as well as liquidity management.
Innovation and Digitalisation
Assessment of risks and opportunities in traditional companies due to the changing technological landscape; digital transformation strategy.
Promstar Kft (Promstar) was established as a joint venture in 2002, to supply equipment and parts to agricultural factories, and to acquire dealership rights for tractor supplies in Eastern Europe. Over the next decade, Promstar worked alongside affiliate company Contstar, a leading agricultural machinery dealer with more than 15 years' experience in the industry. Working alongside Contstar, Promstar engaged in import/export of agricultural machinery, raw materials supply, and accessories to agricultural machinery factories. This business remained the Group's primary activity up until 2012.

From 2013, Promstar operated predominantly in Hungary, supplying agricultural machinery and equipment to the local market. Over the next few years, the Group established a vast network of business contacts and exclusive dealership rights and developed a solid customers' base in the region.

Successfully issued ISIN XS1574800220 EURO Notes to help develop the business and grow operations internationally. Capital raise enabled the company to scale up, attract new partners and clients, and significantly expand the Group's operations.

Launched new growth strategy focused on cooperation with and co-financing of family businesses and fast-growing mid-size companies in the financial services and industrial sectors, both in Europe and internationally.

Initiated large-scale joint ventures in energy, transport and logistics, re-launched a business line focused on importing machinery for distribution by our retail affiliate, Contstar, and originated petroleum-product delivery projects both within and outside the European Union.

Engaged heavily in commodities trading and reverse factoring in the petroleum and marine engineering sectors, and carried out a series of petroleum-products prepayments, intermediating between refineries and buyers.